Turn a mobile phone into a high quality, accurate clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter.

The Sonic Driver POCKET MOBILE-UFM is a light weight, pocket sized instrument that connects to a mobile phone or tablet (Android) to turn it into a low cost, high quality, accurate clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter.

Its intuitive menu driven user interface runs as an app on the phone and makes it incredibly easy to use. The app is now available to download from Google Play Store.

The size of the meter and the layout of the user interface means that it can be operated single handed.

The instrument is powered from the phone battery. Yet all of this is achieved with no compromise in flow measurement performance.

Sonic Driver MOBILE-UFM datasheet 050822

Sonic Driver POCKET MOBILE-UFM Operating Instructions 050822

Sonic Driver POCKET MOBILE-UFM Installation Manual 050822


  • Pipe diameter ranging from 15 to 500 mm.
  • Ambient temperature range -10 to +65 degC Note 1.
  • Weight 220 g (excluding phone).
  • Dimensions 140 x 40 x 20 mm.
  • Ingress Protection rated IP 65 enclosure (excluding phone) Note 1.
  • Powered from the mobile phone battery, life up to 6 hours between charges.


  • Light weight and small for easy, one handed operation.
  • Intuitive installation using menu driven user interface.
  • Full set of instrument and measurement diagnostics.
  • Signal oscilloscope for sensor positioning and diagnostics.
  • Internal database of common pipe materials and fluids.


  • Measurement principle, ultrasonic transit time difference.
  • Flow velocity range 0.01 to 25 m/s.
  • Resolution 0.25 mm/s.
  • Repeatability 0.15% of measured value.
  • Accuracy +/- 1 – 3% of measured value depending on application, +/- 0.5% of measured value with process calibration against reference meter.
  • Measurement rate 1 Hz as standard.
  • Gas/solids <10% of volume.

Note 1. IP and ambient temperature ratings are intended to match those of most mobile phone manufacturers.