Data Logging and Data Visualization

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Sonic Driver Ltd.                                  Made in Britain 🇬🇧

Sonic Driver Ltd. Made in Britain

Data Logging, provides valuable information to identify and correct, process and facility shortfalls, reduce consumption and save money and resources.

Data Visualization can provide valuable information insights for commercial and industrial facilities by highlighting trends, patterns and problems in facilities and processes.

The Sonic Driver range of Clamp-on ultrasonic solutions® generate a large quantity of data every second about liquid flows in pipes. This includes; flow velocity, flow rates, totalizers and diagnostics.

By efficiently and easily collecting and visualizing this data or information users can optimize their process or facilities, identify shortfalls, take corrective action, become more efficient and save time and costs.

Something as simple as logging a high-water flow in an empty business unit overnight when there should be no flow can save money by investigating and adjusting operation, use and consumption or spotting a water leak!

Both the handheld POCKET PLUS-UFM and the wall mounted FIXED-UFM come with integral data logging as standard. And data can be easily and efficiently exported via USB or RS232 serial coms to a laptop or Process Controller for visualization and analysis or connected offsite to the Cloud via Modbus and third-party gateways.