Pocket PLUS-UFM with serial link and datalogger

The new Pocket PLUS-UFM has a USB serial link connector for both power and data, and an internal 4MB datalogger.

The Pocket PLUS-UFM can be powered from a mobile phone charger or a USB port on a PC as well as by its internal battery.

When connected to a PC the Pocket PLUS-UFM can stream out live data or download logged data. All flow measurements and a comprehensive set of diagnostics can be output.

If the live stream is captured using a terminal program running on the PC then logging is not limited by UFM battery life or logger memory size.

Data is output in text readable comma separated format and is simple to open in a spreadsheet for graph plotting and analysis.

The logger interval can be from selected from 1 to 255 seconds between records.

The serial link baud rate can be selected between 9600, 19200 and 115200.

View the video at Pocket Plus serial and logger