Mobile-UFM app on Play Store

The Sonic Driver Mobile-UFM app (for Android) is now listed and available for download from Google Play Store. When linked with our Mobile-UFM hardware the app turns your mobile device into a clamp-on ultrasonic transit time difference flowmeter. The app configures the flowmeter and displays a full set of flow measurement and diagnostic values, as shown in the images and videos below.

The app is currently for Android systems only and can be found on the Google Play Store, click this link or search for “Sonic Driver Flowmeter” or “Mobile-UFM”. There is a nominal charge for downloading the app, and you need the Mobile-UFM hardware from Sonic Driver in order for it to work. It is planned that an IOS version will follow soon.










With the Mobile-UFM app installed, and your mobile device unlocked, simply connect the Mobile-UFM hardware to your mobile device using a USB-OTG cable. The app will automatically run. The Mobile-UFM is powered from your device battery. Connection is automatic, and confirmed by Model Code, Serial Number and a Test Pattern.










From the INSTALL tab, the user can fully configure the installation for Pipe Info, Fluid and Transducer configuration. The flowmeter calculates and displays the correct spacing to install the transducers at on the pipe.











The MEASURE tab shows a continuously updating signal trace and a set of measurement and diagnostic values.












The About screen has a link to our website and there is the usual Exit screen.












The following videos show the Mobile-UFM in operation.