Our new Wall Thickness Gauge

Sonic Driver are happy to say that we have released our new Wall Thickness Gauge (WTG) product.

Building on the WTG functionality that is included as standard in our flowmeter products this dedicated instrument is a stand alone product intended for a range of uses and applications where accurate thickness measurement is required.

Independently tested on a range of wall thicknesses and coatings, we have sold the entire first production batch of 50 gauges.

The meter works with a range of probe frequencies and sizes.

Here the gauge is shown measuring the thickness of steel test blocks through simulated  thin and thick coating samples.



Features include an A-scan display, material database and the ability to calibrate speed of sound for unlisted materials against a reference block of know thickness.

If you are interested in partnering Sonic Driver with this product, or any of our range contact us via the Contact page on this website.